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Shelby Tube Steel Cleaning Brush

2-3/4" Brush Dia., effective cleaning of soiled Shelby Tubes.



Attach to adequate power drill, insert into shelby tube, and clean.


Double-Spiral Threaded-Shank Brush Carbon Steel, 2-3/4" Brush Dia, .014" Bristle Dia


Built to handle the toughest jobs, these double-stem brushes have more bristles than single-spiral brushes. Stems are galvanized steel. Brushes have 1/4" NPT male threads, unless noted. Brush length is approximately 4 1/2". Overall length is approximately 7 1/2". Max. rpm is 1750.


(Rod below not included).

Qty: $17.99

Part No. 92200
Drill Attachment Rod for Shelby Tube Brush

Attached to Cleaning Brush, inserts into an electric drill.



Dbl-Threaded Rod, 1/4" NPT Thrd, 36" L, Steel

Qty: $29.99

Part No. 92220

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