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Concrete Moist Room Controller Model 6200
Regulates temperature, humidity, and saturation; records timestamped temperature and humidity readings.

Concrete moist rooms. ASTM C511 compliance package. Compact sensor is placed in the moist room.

Complete Kit - Temp+Humidity, Qty:

Part No. 6200 (Appr. Shp Wt 22 lbs).
Complete Kit - Temp Only, Qty: $1,585.00

Part No. 6201 (Appr. Shp Wt 22 lbs).

Concrete moist rooms. ASTM C511 compliance package. Compact sensor is placed in the moist room.

1-year warrantee with unlimited tech support

PC controlled

Continuous recording of temperature and humidity to PC

Controlls heating and cooling from user defined setpoints

Regulates mister at user defined intervals

Single module detects both temperature and humidity

Plug heat/cool/mist power cords into controller (120VAC 15A)

One USB cable runs from controller to PC

Utilizes (1) PC USB port

Laptop or netbook with system pre-installed and tested (may be differant than photo above)

Records temperature/humidity/timestamp to native, text, csv, or Excel files at user defined intervals

Temperature resolution 0.0625 oC (+/- 0.5 oC Accuracy) Humidity resoultion 0.04 % RH.

What’s included with Moist Room Controller:

* PC USB Cable 30' Extension

* 3-Switch Controller

* Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 30' Cable

* Power Cord

* Software

Screenshot below

Controller to PC  Controller Interface USB  
Controller to PC Sensor Interface (integrated with above into 1-Cat5 cable) RJ45 plug/Cat5 cable to RJ11/USB port adapter
Sensor to Controller Interface Sensor Cable
Heating/cooling/mister to Controller interface Heating, cooling and/or mister power cords plug directly into controller
Controller power Power cord to 120 VAC 12A wall outlet
Sensor DataQ RMP60
Digital Hygrometer Measures Humidity with 12-Bit (0.04%RH) Resolution
Operating Range: -20 to +85°C; 0 to 100%RH (see Safe Operating Range)
Digital Thermometer Measures Temperature with 11-Bit (0.0625°C) Resolution
Temperature Accuracy Better than ±0.5°C from -10°C to +65°C with Software Correction
Built-in Humidity Sensor for Simultaneous Temperature and Humidity Logging

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