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Materials Testing Laboratories

Name Image Description
Concrete Tank Temp Logger Monitor and record to PC the temperatures of one or more concrete water curing tanks.
Moist Room Controller/Logger

PC controlled mist, heat and cooling. Continuous temperature and humidity data acquisition. Utilizes (1) USB port.

Moist Room Fogger  


Aquafog 400, compact and quiet fine-misting fan. Maintain 100% saturation on moist room samples.
Slab Humidity Kit Easy to install and use. Accurant data logging of Temperature and Humidity in concrete floor slabs per ASTM F-2170.
Maturity Data Kit

Estimate concrete strength by recording time and temperature of placed concrete. Reliable, easy to use. No expensive equipment.
Concrete Cylinder Digital Calipers   For daily cylinder and other sample measurements. Faster and more accurate than pie tapes or outside calipers.
Cordless Concrete Vibrator   Consolidate concrete specimens in accordance with ASTM C31.
Infrared Laser Thermometer   Obtain surface temperatures of concrete and formwork surfaces.
Max-Min Thermometer Document max. and min. temperatures of concrete curing boxes, cold weather enclosures, etc.
Soil Proctor Mold Extruder Quickly and easily push compacted soils from proctor molds.
Desiccant Canisters Place in Nuclear Gauge and other cases that are susceptible to moisture. Re-usable.
Proctor Bags Bag Super Heavyweight, 30 Gal Cap, 3 Mils, 52" Circ, Clear.
Solid Steel Hand Auger Handle For Quick-Connect, Bucket-Type Augers. Indestructible, outlasts conventional hollow aluminum handles.
1 or 2 cup Microwave Soil Dish Obtain moisture content of soil using a microwave. Dish maintains constant weight over a range of temperatures.
MagnaLube O-Ring Seal Effective lubricant seal for triaxial and permeability chambers; vacuum and compressed air connections
Digital Conductivity Meter Determine electrical conductivity/resistivity of soil slurry solutions.
Digital pH Meter Accurate and reliable soil slurry pH testing device.
pH Buffer Solution Used to calibrate pH meter. 10.00, 7.00 and 4.01 pH buffer, 500-mL of each.
Shelby Tube Cleaning Brush Steel Brush, 2-3/4" Dia., effective cleaning of soiled Shelby Tubes.
Tube Brush Drill Attachment Rod Attached to Shelby Tube Cleaning Brush. Attach to an electric drill for fast tube cleanout.
Fireproofing Inspection Kit Test thickness, density (displacement method) and adhesion of sprayed-on fireproofing.
Mobile Temp/Humidity Logging Kit Record timestamp, temperature and humidity, continuously to a PC or using remote sensors.
Intermediate Scale 5500 x 0.1g Proctors, small size gradations, moistures, etc.
High Capacity Scale 30,000 x 0.5g Field or lab scale. Unit weights, concrete cylinders, large size gradations, etc.
Digital Decibel Sound Meter Sound level meter, digital-display, precise readings, carry case.
Xyron EZ Laminator Laminate lab postings. Durability and a professional look. Fast, easy. No heat or electricity.
24" & 36" Certified Rulers Calibration standard length measurements. Hardened, tempered carbon steel. Includes certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.
Certified Hygrometer/Themometer Provides a response time of under 10 sec. with a resolution of 0.01%RH. NIST Traceable.
Certified Digital Thermometer 0.001° resolution , accurate to ±0.05°. NIST traceable.
Inventory Labels 200 pack 1" x 2¼" Polyester Write-on Inventory Labels.
Calibration Labels 200 pack 5/8" x 1½" Polyester Write-on Calibration Labels.
Illuminated Optical Comparator Measuring Magnifier with 8X Gen Purpose Scale. Verify Liquid Limit grooving tools, etc.

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