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Concrete Curing Tank Temperature Recorder 7300
Records temperatures from one or more curing tanks directly to a PC.

Concrete curing tanks. ASTM C511 compliance package. Waterproof sensor is placed in the tank(s).

Complete Kit, Qty:

Part No. 7300 (Appr. Shp Wt 3 lbs).

Waterproof Sensor Assembly

USB Adapter
1-year warrantee with unlimited tech support

PC controlled

Continuous recording of temperature to PC

Multiple tanks may be monitored.

One cable connects to PC

Utilizes (1) PC USB port

Records temperature/timestamp to native, text, csv, or Excel files at user defined intervals

Temperature resolution 0.0625 oC (+/- 0.5 oC Accuracy) 

What’s included with the Tank Recorder Standard Kit:

* PC USB Adapter

* 25 feet communication cable

* Cable coupler

* (1) Waterproof Sensor Assembly

* Software

* Instructions

Sensor Assembly Only, Qty: $98.00

Additional Sensor Assembly
Part No. 7310
(Appr. Shp Wt 2 lbs).
Sensor to PC Interface RJ11 plug/phone cable to USB adapter to USB port  
Sensor Maxim DS1921 iButton
Digital Thermometer Measures Temperature with 11-Bit (0.0625°C) Resolution
Temperature Accuracy Better than ±0.5°C from -10°C to +65°C with Software Correction
1-RJ11/USB input jack (from sensor)
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