Thousands of years ago, a King of Assyria lived by the name of Adasi. A good King requires power and courage, but a real King must have the confidence and humility to positively influence those around him. This brand was named after a King, because when it comes to owning yourself and inspiring others just as a King would, the way you carry and represent yourself means everything, and appearance plays a large role in that. Apparel isn’t just a practical thing. It represents you as a person, your mood, creative imagination, and so on. It’s an art form that tells yourself and those around you who you are. Adoci itself is a brand that states you walk with a bold elegance. It’s a brand that represents empowerment, confidence, and art designed for the human body. Its' cultural touch of the Middle East, mix of both bold and soft colors, and of course, lots of gold accents, help represent our brand image.