Welcome to Adoci, a luxury clothing brand with a Middle Eastern touch. This brand represents more than just clothing. It stands for creativity, confidence, and self empowerment. We are not only giving the consumer a product, we are providing them with an experience. The presentation, high quality materials, and branding are all put together with a lot of thought and devotion. 

About the owner

Sabrina Roberts fell in love with fashion at a young age. To her, it's a form of art that not only displays one's personality and creativity, but also tells a story. Eager to build a brand of her own, Sabrina went to school for apparel design at Iowa State University. After interning for a dressmaker in San Diego, she then went back to school and received a Master's in Business Administration. That's when she dove into the idea that had been growing in her mind and heart for years, and Adoci went from a vision to a reality. 

This is only the beginning. Thank you for exploring this brand, we hope you stay to watch this journey.