Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Look One 


The first look consists of a fit black cotton stretch dress, paired with a single sided long sleeve shoulder top. With a turtle neck to complete the look, it was only right to slick the hair up into a 32 inch long pony tail! Since it is a fall/winter collection, a booty heel was incorporated into this outfit. 

Look Two


For this look we went with something more simple so we could accentuate the look with jewellery and accessories. A simplified version of a bustier was created so it could fit nice and comfortably. Since the top is made with pleather which could stick to the skin when trying to put on, there were cotton stretch panels added to each side of the top. This look was completed with a beautiful golden neck piece. 

Look Three


This ensemble includes a  sleeveless body fit top was designed with a pointed neckline. The top has two flaps to the side and is matched with a pair of cuffs. Aside from the top was the pleather pants, combat boots and everything came together with the snake earrings and large link gold necklace. 

Look four


Natalie's is wearing a half leather, half cotton stretch body fit dress with a turtle neck. A pair of cuffs was incorporated in this look to give it a Middle Eastern taste. After the dress was finished, a crown of tulle was sewn around the hem of the dress to give the look a feminine feel.